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I. Schmidt Handelsgesellschaft mbH

Certifications and seals


The IFS Broker certification standard helps brokers, agents and importers in ensuring production safety and product quality requirements and closes the gap between producer and distributor. It also facilitates the monitoring of legal and contract-specific requirements of the traded products. Trading partners expect us, as brokers, to communicate their product requirements to manufacturers and producers, and to make sure they are understood and implemented there. Through certification by an independent certification body, the implementation and application of specified quality and product safety management systems at I. Schmidt HGmbH is reviewed annually.

Bio Certification

For over 10 years, we are now certified according to EU Organic Regulation No. 834/2007. Thus, we can now offer you products from certified organic agriculture. The organic seal gives you the certainty that the labeled food was neither genetically modified nor that the cultivation of chemical-synthetic pesticides, artificial fertilizer or sewage sludge were used. With this standard as well, following the initial certification, the annual inspection by an independent certification body will determine whether the biological standards are still met and the organic certificate may continue to be used accordingly. For consumers, the seal creates transparency and reliable guidance in the organic seal jungle.


Dolphin Safe

Dolphin Safe is a project of the non-profit Earth Island Institute (EII) from California. The program was set up in 2001 to save dolphins from death in tuna nets and is now one of the world's largest private food control programs. All companies that carry the Dolphin Safe seal of quality commit themselves not to hunt or circle or catch dolphins in nets. It has to be fished so in a careful way that dolphins are not injured or killed when catching tuna. The Dolphin Safe seal, which can also be found on our canned food, guarantees dolphin-friendly fishing methods.

Business Social Compliance Initiative

The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is an initiative of the Foreign Trade Association (FTA), which brings together trade and manufacturing companies. The aim of the initiative is the worldwide improvement of working conditions. Members of the BSCI commit themselves to applying the Code of Conduct in their supply chain, which includes, inter alia, the key elements: reasonable working hours, fair pay, prohibition of child labor or forced labor, and safety at work. Suppliers are controlled at least every two years by independent testing organizations. We have joined the initiative, demanding that our business partners implement suitable measures for uniform social standards.

Waren-Verein der Hamburger Börse e. V.

Established in 1900, the Warenverein is a nation-wide trade association representing the interests of foreign and wholesale trade of fruit, vegetables, juice and canned fish, juice concentrates, frozen fruits, vegetables and fish, dried fruits, nuts, dried vegetables, spices, honey and related products. The association has, additionally to us, over 160 member companies. The Warenverein maintains an institutional arbitration court and parallely a facility for settling disputes about the nature and quality of goods by expert opinion.