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Pasta Vitalia

  • Mikado

The international trade name Mikado is diversifying its product mix and showcases a new product on the market – Pasta Vitalia, pasta made from whole wheat. Now, in addition to the Mikado canned products, which are favored and highly appreciated by consumers, you can  enjoy real, tasty Italian pasta using an array of Mikado Mediterranean products to prepare exquisite and healthy dishes: tomato sauce and paste, peeled tomatoes, capers, artichokes, olives and olive oil.

Pasta Vitalia is produced in sunny Italy. This is the place where the best varieties of whole wheat are grown, which are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and are fat-free, and which are healthy and figure-friendly. Pasta Vitalia is the staple of Mediterranean diet that won’t fatten you up a gram. 

Pasta Vitalia is made to old family recipes created by the Arriggi family and handed down from generation to generation of makers of quality and delicious pasta, using the best state-of-the-art technologies.

Pasta Vitalia is a product of impeccable quality. Consumer trust in Mikado products is crucial to the trade name image and prestige, which is why for as long as 40 years the company I.Schmidt Hmbh (Germany, Berlin) has carefully controlled all stages of the production process: from purchase of raw materials to output of finished products.

Pasta Vitalia offers various forms of pasta that reflect peculiarities and tastes of the region of their origin. In the first place, this is the most famous form of pasta from the south of Italy – Spaghetti, which is one of the most popular dishes and a symbol of Italy, as well as other well-known forms such as Fusilli, corkscrew shaped pasta, Penne Rigate, famous ridged tubes resembling quill pens, Tagliatelle, coiled in exquisite nests, and of course, Farfalle, children’s beloved bow-ties from the north of Italy. Each form of Pasta Vitalia goes together with different types of sauces and specific foods, and is accompanied with recipes authored by Stefano Antoniolli, master chef of an Italian restaurant.

Pasta Vitalia is healthy and tasty in Italian style. Taste and appreciate it!

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